Friday, August 19, 2011

Conscience as Primordial Vicar of Christ

Without exaggerating, I find this one of the truly all-time brilliant descriptions of conscience discerned or distinguished in the midst of other voices or a world's competing noise/attractions.

Whether we are talking about moral living or choosing to follow God's will for my life (vocation choice), my question is whether being touched by that tiny whispering sound, as Elijah was, is or has been rendered more difficult today. I know the answer: It cannot be any more difficult than it was back then remembering that Elijah was very much alone in a world gone thoroughly mad and pagan. His whole-hearted response to God's call was by God's command and in His Hands the beginning of a reconquest, a restoration.

There have been no few Elijah-like "giants" in the course of these two millennia of the Lord's time (A.D.). We need only mention St. Benedict. My question is how all of the rest of us can hope and pray for good boys and girls who are at least as in love with Our Lord and His Blessed Mother as the children of Fatima were. Children, as they were, really facing off and winning against the hardened unbelievers and conspirators against faith of Portugal at the beginning of the 20th Century.
Maybe it is as simple as the Holy Father's WYD 2011 message exhorting not to be ashamed of Jesus... for the sake of His uncompromising love and total sacrifice. Maybe it is as simple as acquainting children with Jesus from tiny and... letting the little whispering voice do the rest?

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