Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Bookmakers, Headhunters, Matchmakers?

With all due respect both to the office and to the sacred college, I couldn't resist posting this pretty bird. The media frenzy for whatever, as impossible as it is to predict the election of a pope, is barreling ahead full throttle. It would seem that the cardinals already have the profile that they now have to flesh out and elect from among their members: "younger (65-70)", "energetic" and "from the southern hemisphere". Those at least seem to be tops on the list at the moment and the bookmakers percentages are falling in line with their predictions.

It is all folly, of course, and my only worry is that such distractions draw the faithful away from our very sublime task at this important time in the life of the Church, of praying that all involved will cooperate with the grace given for the sake of the Kingdom. Thinking of today's Scripture readings for Mass of Wednesday in the First Week of Lent: That "Jonah", whoever God's chosen one might be and from whichever hemisphere, might not run away from the face of God and that Nineveh might promptly respond to his word and turn to the Lord. We need to focus on the essentials and understand the lesson Pope Benedict is giving us in terms of the centrality of Christ in the mission of His Church.

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