Friday, September 20, 2013

Indeed: Ut unum sint!

Ryan N.S. Topping, in his book “Rebuilding Catholic Culture”, illustrates how the Church in its fullest expression rests on the three pillars of Scripture, Tradition, Magisterium.  In his argument in favour of strict adherence to this triad as our only assurance of being faithful to Christ and to His teaching, he cites the World Christian Encyclopedia (Oxford, 2001, 2nd ed., 1:10 and 1:5) to illustrate the divisiveness of Protestantism. Topping holds rightly that Luther's sola scriptura is insufficient to carry Christ's Church and has a disqualifying effect on any claims to faithfulness to Christ’s will for His Church by those denying the triad.

“Even when you are not limited to literal interpretations of the Bible, you are still limited to interpretations. “The devil can cite Scripture too,” the old adage goes. And the presence of some thirty-three thousand Protestant denominations — increasing at a rate of 182 per year (i.e., one every two days), according to Barrett’s World Christian Encyclopedia — is certainly exploited by some as evidence that Luther’s sola scriptura principle is not without its difficulties. Indeed, the Church existed for decades before the New Testament was written and centuries before the canon was formed. There was never a moment when the text preceded the community from which it sprang. Hence, from the first principle comes a second: Scripture is interpreted best from within the Church.” [Topping, Ryan N.S. (2013-01-07). Rebuilding Catholic Culture (pp. 17-18). Sophia Institute. Kindle Edition.]

As we find ourselves once again in the midst of a "full court press" on the part of media in the service of seemingly nothing more than relativism, we should remain calm and steadfast in our own adherence to the truth which comes only from God in Jesus Christ through the ministry and authority of His One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church.

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