Monday, February 10, 2014

Yes, Against Principalities and Powers of Darkness!

One of my Monday morning things is looking forward to see what Andrea Gagliarducci has to discuss in his weekly post on his blog MONDAY VATICAN. Today the post was entitled "From Benedict to Francis. One year after, the same problems". If I can express myself so, the last paragraph is the corker and leaves me dissatisfied as I think the author is trying to compare apples and pears. There are lots of reasons why the negative reaction to the famous Regensburg discourse and the subsequent evidence of a fruitful intellectual dialogue with Muslim counterparts cannot be compared to the child protection debacle and UN attacks against Catholic faith and teaching. Gagliarducci writes:

"One year after Benedict XVI’s resignation, pedophilia, gender theory, and above all shortcomings in Holy See communications remain front and center issues to contend with. Despite the hiring of several advisers on communications, the Church is still reacting to the big issues of the day, instead of being ahead introducing them in their right light.  This is the reason why the Church can be caught off guard in the debate. This was the case in 2006, when Benedict XVI delivered his famous lecture at Regensburg. From that starting point, Benedict XVI was able to start an unprecedented dialogue with Islam. It is now Pope Francis’ turn to build bridges of reason with a world always ready to attack the Church."

You can set up all the parallels you want between the two, but Pope Benedict's challenge to Muslims in good faith has little to do with good PR and dependence on the media. How can you get the jump on the consequences of the so-called Enlightenment and its now centuries old war on the true God and Christianity? Sadly, in this whole gender business the UN serves masters on the "dark side", who will stop at nothing in their attacks against the "Lord and His Anointed" (Psalm 2). No media strategy is going to charm a class of people hell-bent on spreading death. The big guns in the UN pay their dues to push abortion and euthanasia, all the while denying the Creator and His plan for all created things.

Sorry, Andrea, but you missed it this morning. No media strategy but only prayer will cast out these devils. It's time to shake their dust from our feet and proclaim the message elsewhere.

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