Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Restoring the Calendar, Reset Priority

"Not to labour a point I've been making a lot recently, what has been happening since the 1960s is not, generally speaking, a clear, authoritative, rejection of traditional teaching. It is highly significant that reformers took so much away from the honour given in Mass to the Blessed Sacrament, but we can't conclude that the Church stopped believing in the Real Presence. After all, the Blessed Sacrament is still give some honour in the Novus Ordo. Its significance lies in the fact that, first, the teaching is no longer conveyed so effectively, so the people become less certain about it and may even forget it altogether, and, secondly, that it became possible for priests and theologians to deny it, without their denial being immediately contradicted by the Mass. The vacuum created by the official liturgy ceasing to teach the doctrine clearly, could be filled by unofficial progressive preaching against the doctrine.

That's what they want to do with marriage, by getting rid of the Church's visible discipline on remarriage after divorce."

I have never been one to hide my enthusiasm for the FIUV Position Papers, nay, rather I guess I am ready to shout it from the house tops: take and read! Joseph Shaw has just published another on Septuagesima, Vigils and Octaves with respect to the calendar changes which took place in the Roman Rite. The paper is great, but the above quote comes from an introductory comment on the LMS Chairman's blog. Well worth your time and reflection, both.

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