Saturday, January 3, 2015

Book Club - Study and Discussion Material

Introduction to the Spiritual Life
Bouyer, Louis
(2013-10-28). Ave Maria Press. Kindle Edition. 

"Contemplation understood in this way is, in truth, germinally present in the most elementary act of Christian faith. And we might say that this seed develops to the degree to which faith conforms us to itself by obedience. This is why progress in prayer, causing the contemplative aspect more and more to predominate, is not so much as might appear to a superficial view the product of psychological concentration and simplification. Far more is it a progress in conforming life, and the whole inner being from which it precedes, to faith. The more the objects of our faith, or rather its great central and total object, the mystery of Christ in us, incorporates itself in our existence, from which our most profound consciousness is inseparable— or even better, the more this mystery likens us to itself— the more does faith, without losing anything of its mystery, cease to be obscure for us." (Kindle Locations 1595-1601)

Over the years, I would have to say this is one of the few books that I have read which I would really like to see taken up by groups to be read and discussed together chapter by chapter. It does not depart from the norm in its description of the spiritual life, but there are some chapters which just say things better than I can ever remember reading them. The chapter on prayer is mighty and the clarity of expression concerning monasticism and the other vocations in the Church is terribly enriching.

Some who have been reading my reviews right along would know that I firmly believe that a monastic revival within the Church would be cornerstone to any serious effort to restore Catholic culture. Bouyer's concerns lie elsewhere in this book, but he makes the case for the primacy of monasticism and comes out clearly for a non-delusional description of the vocation to matrimony. Such clarity on the spiritual life for all in the Church could go a long way to heading off pandemonium in the synod hall come next October.


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