Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Praying with Esther

A dear bishop friend from Ukraine included me in an email to a list of devout German-speaking Catholics asking for their prayerful support on the eve of the encounter with the president of the Russian Federation. He used an Old Testament image in formulating his request, that Pope Francis would be like the prophet Nathan, calling out King David for his sins of adultery and murder. I guess if you come from a Byzantine background of symphonia the analogy would be natural and apparent. In any case, the bishop does well so to pray, that the Holy Father be inspired to prophetic words today.

Personally, my Old Testament image is rather that of the Book of Esther. Queen Esther requested that all her people fast and pray, as she prepared to face the lion, her king. Esther, in effect, calls the king to account and through her intervention saves the Chosen People.

I am praying with Esther today, that she would succeed in saving her people from the king's wrath. Let the prophet speak and confound our enemies. May the Mother of God cloak Ukraine in her protective mantle!


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