Saturday, June 6, 2015

The Tyranny of Liberalism

I just had a minor "aha moment" as I was beginning a new book with the above title (review in due course). My moment came as a confluence of several impressions: all the positive feedback and great pictures coming out of Sacra Liturgia in New York; the carping in the press about the same and their disdain for my friend Cardinal Burke; Cardinal Sarah's upbeat letter to the same conference; an aside, just for me from a very pious priest expressing his doubts concerning the possibility of winning over most Catholics for the EF. As I say, I just started the book and two notes struck me: all society is permeated by the errors of liberalism, even conservative folk, as another conversation with a fine layman brought home to me, and in a liberal society the one and only court of appeal seems to be "expertise", whatever that might be.

QUARE FREMUERUNT GENTES: It comes as no surprise at any time in history that people arch their backs, but this notion of the all pervasiveness of liberalism as a denial of the true source of our human dignity in our God and Lord Jesus Christ, makes a lot of sense. 

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