Sunday, September 20, 2015

Time to Pack!

A week from today I will be heading to the airport on my first leg of the trip which will take me from Kyiv via Rome to Bern and my new assignment as nuncio in Switzerland and Liechtenstein. When I moved here from Port of Spain, Trinidad, I knew I had to change blogs, because ISLAND ENVOY just wouldn't do. 

DEO VOLENTE EX ANIMO turns out to have been a very good choice, an opportunity to reach back to the headliner assigned me by my Latin teacher and vice-rector in the program for our senior banquet farewell from high school seminary. Per se, I could have remained true to this secondary motto, which somehow stuck and always remained for me a challenge in my saying and doing. A change of background pictures would have sufficed.

For some odd reason, though, I found the cosmetic change insufficient and was not ready to say that my next change of blog would be my last one and hence time to take my episcopal motto PROPERANTES ADVENTUM DIEI DEI.

In the course of preparing my talk for the just concluded first ever assembly of both Greek and Roman Catholic religious, men and women, celebrated quite successfully in Lviv, I was drawn irresistibly to the Song of Solomon and a quote from 4:6

 Antequam aspiret dies,
et festinent umbrae,
vadam ad montem myrrhae
et ad collem turis.

 AD MONTEM MYRRHAE it will be and in a couple weeks you will find me there. I'm hoping that the sense of the title will be found in a pilgrimage to the heights of charity. I cannot say as I find the Church in need of greater in our day, but then it has ever been so.

Please pray for me as I do for you!


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