Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Christian Heritage and Promise

In his RISU blog, Andrew Sorokowski has offered a masterful and thought-provoking political analysis of one particular aspect of these days of celebrating the consequences of St. Volodymyr's baptism and choice of Byzantine Christianity for his people 1025 years ago.

I recommend a thoughtful reading of the article and invite one and all to reflect on what we can read there not only in black and white but also between the lines: Where would any of us be without baptism? When the tradition refers to St. Volodymyr as like unto the Apostles, the tradition knows of what it speaks. 

We can only hope and pray that some day soon our world might again know great leaders like him, who clearly understand and impart to their people the awareness that baptism in faith is the cornerstone of true culture and of any viable and enlightened polity.

St. Volodymyr gifted his people and his temporal principality by recognizing and confessing that all sovereignty is drawn in truth from God in Christ Jesus. Any and all principalities and powers have and will continue to pass from the scene; only Christ remains.


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