Thursday, September 26, 2013

The Liturgical Movement Revisited

"What the Liturgical Movement turned into in its late cancer phase was second-rate modern(ist) theology embedded in a prosaic, earthbound, unimaginative spirituality, along with a tremendous naivete about sociology and worship, plus a good bit of plain dishonesty in their lopsided ressourcement, advocacy scholarship, narrow agendas, and peculiarly modern form of archaicism that did not seek to restore the mentality and spirituality that corresponded to the external elements they purportedly recovered from early Christianity."

Peter Kwasniewski over at NLM has done us or me a great service with his article entitled "Carrying Forward the Noble Work of the Liturgical Movement". Maybe others have written better, but I find it the most valued piece I have read in a long time and a marvelous incentive to all who are or wish to contribute to restoring the Liturgy.

Congratulations, Peter!

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