Thursday, January 2, 2014

To Whom Shall We Turn?

With the holidays, one occasionally "wastes" time with things, and I must confess that I am happy I "wasted" time with this Remnant Video. For me, listening to these two men of good will confirms me in my understanding of a very important practical ecclesiological principle. Much of what has been imposed, if you will, from "above" since the beginning of the liturgical reform must also be remedied from above. As priests and bishops, we cannot wait for laymen, no matter how fine, no matter how upright and well-formed in their faith, to come hat in hand and ask us to provide for the faith in its fullness (at its "source and summit" in the Liturgy) as it comes to us from the Apostles.

At all levels, this means a determined effort to root out abuse and most obviously on the part of parish priests who must "bite the bullet" and say no to add-ons and improvisations at Mass, no to music which is not sacred and to musical substitutions for the ordinaries and propers of the Mass. Who is going to make the Communion procession more reverent simply by slowing the pace if not the pastor? Ad Orientem preparation of the gifts and praying the Eucharistic Prayer (in conformity with the rubrics as they are today) wherever possible is something priests and bishops can do without further hesitation. We owe this much and more to our noble flock.

The generation of articulate adults, who in the 1970's protested abusive change to Divine Worship, are for the most part dead and gone. The attraction to the tradition is felt today by a very different generation of laity. They need our support in their efforts to live the faith and pass it on to their children. Would that we could be for them the kind of shepherds like Christ whom they seek.


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