Friday, November 28, 2014

Reality vs. Propaganda, beaten at our own game

Take 11 minutes to think about the devastating consequences of the tyranny of relativism and the danger to which we are exposed by our tolerance for so much folly, especially when experts wield this same stupid penchant to deprive us of any remaining contact with reality we still might have. I pray for the day when so-called "western culture" can say "truth is..." without flinching. 

Timothy Snyder is at the top of his game in this video and offers food for thought. I wonder when people around the world will recognize a) Russian aggression in Ukraine is just that, as it was in Georgia, Armenia, Moldavia, ... b) Russian propaganda is not only critical of the decadence of the West, but is itself postmodern and cynical, and seeks only to destroy or level the playing field: misery loves company, if you will.

Remember Fatima! We really do need to take up with insistence our prayers for the conversion of Russia.

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