Saturday, February 7, 2015

Jesus, Asleep in the Boat?

Yesterday I happened to watch a video interview done here for UKRAINE TODAY with a man from Germany who works for a children's aid agency and knows the country from before what he called, without hedging words, "Russian aggression". He said that he'd be going home with the message that, regardless of how ignoble the motivation, Germany, Europe, the World must react to support Ukraine in its fight for survival or face the flow of refugees, homeless, injured, starving and dying, who will perforce be thrown upon them. I have heard this before, months ago, from representatives of the European Union, UNDP and more, but somehow this video seemed even more poignant. In my prayer all I could think of was a supplication to Jesus, the Lord, asleep in the boat, to wake and by His power as God save us, save the Ukrainian people, on these stormy seas.

I ask for prayers from friends and a change of heart for those bent on the destruction of Ukraine. Emotions apart, in an ordered world, we must stand on the fundamental principle enshrined by international law that pacts are to be respected: the world has committed itself since 1991 and many of the big powers again in 1994 to upholding Ukraine's sovereignty within well defined borders which include Crimea. Russia, first and foremost, owes it to itself and to civilization to back off, close the border and protect its neighbor from all who would harm her from outside. Other countries need to come to the aid of Ukraine, perhaps foundering, and gift her with the means of charting a future marked by justice and peace, in truth.

O Mother of God, Cover this People in Your Bright and Protective Mantle!

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