Saturday, November 24, 2012

With a Special Thought to the Older Priest

Pope Benedict XVI  
Jesus of Nazareth: The Infancy Narratives: 3
 Image. Kindle Edition. (2012-11-21).

"This short book on Jesus’ infancy narratives, which I have been promising to write for some time, is at last ready to be presented to the reader. It is not a third volume, but a kind of small “antechamber” to the two earlier volumes on the figure and the message of Jesus of Nazareth."

Impulse buying had me purchasing the Holy Father's latest on the very day of its availability and, well, I just couldn't put it down. Excuse my particular recommendation for my contemporaries and older, but, with the sort of thing we were generally exposed to as exegesis back in the seminary, this book, maybe more than the other two, comes to me as refreshing and authoritatively reassuring.

Some of the first day reviews of his commentary attempted sensationalism, but in point of fact Pope Benedict's Volume 3 contributes more to one's appreciation of the historicity of the Gospels than did his preceding two. There is no debunking or iconoclasm to be found.

Read it if you can this Advent! I think it will put new light and color into your Christmas.  

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