Saturday, March 2, 2013

Miserator et misericors Dominus

Preparing the Readings for this Sunday of the Third Week of Lent (Year C), the Exodus account of the vocation of Moses before the Burning Bush on the mountain of God hit home, as did the verse from Psalm 103: "He has made known his ways to Moses, and his deeds to the children of Israel."

Sunday Masses in many places around the world this weekend, now that the See of Peter is vacant, will be offered for the sake of the College of Cardinals, that they be guided by the Holy Spirit in the selection of the next Successor of St. Peter, in electing, most likely from their own number, the next Pope. 

If I might say it so, I framed my own prayer at this moment (and will do so again in the course of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass) for that "Moses" whom Christ is calling to be His Vicar. The Burning Bush theophany caught Moses as he was, fled from justice in Egypt and settled in with work and family on Sinai. I cannot doubt that God will speak again and ask another "Moses" to accept election from the Conclave. Just in case, however, that during Sunday Mass or a desert moment this weekend before the general congregations begin, in silence and darkness, the Lord chooses to cast His light and speak, I'm praying that that heart will receive the grace and prostrate himself before the mystery. It is the Lord Who guides His Church, as Benedict XVI reiterated over and over in these days.


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