Sunday, March 31, 2013

Writing your own Scenario

Easter Sunday hardly seems the time to speak about the dynamics of temptation in the life of a Christian, but I had to share this little work of art. If you will, I think it bears recalling that not only the Seven Capital Sins are death-dealing in the Christian life. Too many of us write our own script and find ourselves biting that lure, in denial of the possible, but often all too real consequences of our choice. 

If I start illustrating, I might just render the exercise vain for those who have rehearsed how things are supposed to go and will offer no quarter. I'm not going admonish or lecture anyone, nor am I going to "bite the lure." I'm not going to risk making anybody's blood boil, and certainly not on Easter.

Nonetheless, permit me to say that my heart goes out to countless "ordinary" Catholics scandalized not by the two Successors of St. Peter themselves, but seemingly either by a Benedict or by a Francis as they come to us refracted by any one or more of countless interests, mostly put forth by men and women unhappy that the Holy Spirit's "script" seems to be diverging from the scenarios dear to their hearts. Ubi Petrus, ibi...

The Scriptures of the Easter Octave and throughout this most joyous time of the year make ample reference not only to Christ Risen and Glorious, but also to St. Peter. He who for fear thrice denied his Master has thrice professed his love in Jesus, has turned again and become the Rock. The Lord Jesus gave us no other scenario for reaching heavenly glory than that of binding ourselves firmly to Himself within His Church under the headship of the Successor of St. Peter. Tu es Petrus...

Don't bite the lure!

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