Thursday, June 18, 2015

Isn't this Rather What we Mean by Christian Family?

The Family that overtook Christ
Raymond, M.
 (2011-02-28).  Ive Press. Kindle Edition.

I just want to give you one warning. 

It is this: Don’t Be Deceived! Because of the mould in which I have cast it, this may read like a novel; but don’t be deceived. It is history! The facts are facts. Many of the words are Bernard’s own words; culled either from his sermons or his letters. I have dramatized much; I have fictionalized little or nothing. So, take it for what it is— a perfectly reliable story. 

You may ask: Why the story form? My only answer is that we have had plenty of historical novels and plenty of biographical novels; so why not have some novel history in a novel biography? This family lived! Why not represent them, then, as lifelike? 

Furthermore, since it is only in and by your everyday living that you are going to become a saint, I had to give you a safe model. I am sure that you and I and all of us can learn much from this ‘everyday living’ of Bernard’s family. They show us how we can supernaturalize the natural. 

What a family! Now, remember, I have given you only sketches, not full-length lives. Bernard alone would take a volume twice this size! But I hope that the sketches will satisfy and stimulate. I never met such a family before; I feel sure you will enjoy the introduction I give you.

Our Lady’s Birthday
September 8, 1942

You may remember that at first start, I had doubts as to whether this book of Fr. Raymond's could top the other about the three founders of the Cistercian Order which I reviewed not all that long ago. Let me just say that if you decide to pick it up and read it, you are in for a treat. For 1942, Father faces issues which are very much in the forefront yet today. As he describes a feudal society, church institutions and all, which was in total disarray, I cannot but glean hope for some such surprise which would bring our world to hasten, run after Christ. There was a legend that St. Bernard's mother received a visit during her pregnancy from the Mother of God, who gave her a ring with which she espoused the baby boy in the womb. Would that Holy Mary would so favor another unborn child and help his parents raise him up for the sake of the life of the world!

An elderly priest friend of mine told me there is at least one more book by Fr. Raymond out there, which was popularly read years ago. It would seem that the title is: "The Left Hand of God". I hope it surfaces and in a Kindle Edition. Wish me luck in hunting it down!

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