Tuesday, June 23, 2015

True Devotion

The Saint Louis de Montfort Collection [7 Books]
Saint Louis de Montfort
 (2013-10-12). Catholic Way Publishing. Kindle Edition.

Even before his early training was completed he had gained a reputation for heroism, love of the Cross and love of Mary, and it was at this time that the Queen of Heaven began to claim him as her own. (p. 682).

This collection might just be what you were looking for, if besides a fine English translation of St. Louis-Marie's principal writings you are also seeking reassurance concerning this preacher, religious founder and missionary who from his own times has been so often maligned. There is a kind of censorship which struggles mightily to keep his writing and ideas out of the hands of the faithful and this now for two hundred years.

The commentary, part written by Frank Duff, faces straight on all of the objections to St. Louis-Marie and answers most people's questions satisfactorily. It dates from 1965 and as such does not account for the enthusiastic witness of Pope St. John Paul II to the saint and his description of the nature of True Devotion to Mary: Totus Tuus. 

There are lots of good books on him now, but I guess I am glad I picked up on this one. 

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